Important notes for demonstrations

To remember before the demo and the action:

  • Take your valid identity card, passport, visa and residence papers with you.
  • Take some change and a phone card.
  • Take your health insurance card and 10,- Euro in case of medical treatment.
  • Take a first-aid kit and medication you need for yourself.
  • Write down the current EA number.
  • Take something to write with you.
  • Mist out your clothes: only take what you really need on the demo!
  • For your information: in Germany it is forbidden to carry any objects that protect the body from violence (helmets, protectors, etc.) or that can serve as weapons and for mummaging. So be careful!
  • Drugs and alcohol have no place in demos; taking them with you and consuming them puts you and others at risk!
  • Leave photos, calendars, address and phone directories at home.
  • Be sure to erase all memory in your phone.
  • Avoid contact lenses and fat creams. Here irritant gases can accumulate.
  • To remeber on the demo and during the action:
  • Think about what you are talking about at the demo; there are always police informers among the participants.
  • Do not take photos or videos of people and actions.
  • Don’t go on demos alone; stay together on the way there and back!
  • If the police take people with them: Write down name, date of birth, place of registration and nationality and report to the EA.
  • Private security services have no police or sovereign powers. They may only exercise domiciliary rights transferred to them. Otherwise, they may not be more than any other person.


If you get a lift:

  • Call the bystanders your name, date of birth, place of registration and nationality.
  • Don’t tell the police more about yourself than: Name, registered address, date and place of birth and nationality.
  • Otherwise, shut up!!!
  • Don’t make a statement! It’s your right to remain silent. There’s no time and place to talk at the police, the prisoner transporter and the cell! Don’t burden yourself or anyone else with it!
  • Don’t sign anything!
  • Ask the police to give you the reason for your arrest.
  • Try calling the EA and informing them of your whereabouts and those of others.


  • In the case of official treatment (ED = photos, fingerprints, weight, body characteristics, etc.) and taking a DNA sample, object and have this recorded, even if this does not prevent the measures. Never agree to the voluntary collection of a DNA sample (saliva, hair, other body cells). Don’t sign anything!
  • At the latest at the end of the following day you must be released or brought before a judge*.
  • If you have the impression that you are not quickly released again, at the latest when you are brought before a judge*, insist on a lawyer*. The EA can arrange lawyers for you. Exercise your right to remain silent even before a judge*: Do not make a statement!


After the release:

  • Contact the EA immediately. Even if you didn’t report in before, maybe someone else did.
  • Credits to Bunte Hilfe Marburg for the summary, which we simply took over here.
  • In case of repression and legal problems afterwards, please contact Rote Hilfe Chemnitz at: (pgp)