Statement 30th of August 2018

In recent days, events have come to a head when a deadly confrontation has been instrumentalised by a racist mob for its anti-human ideology. They chased migrants* and other people who do not fit into their fascist world view through the center of the city.

The following day a large demonstration was registered by a lack of right-wing and fascist actors*. The counter protest of Bündnis Chemnitz Nazifrei and us was vehemently attacked by the demonstration promoted as “funeral march”. There were firecrackers and bottles thrown, militant groups tried to break out and crept permanently through the city and around our demonstration. On the other hand, the police made no effort to iron out their defeat the day before against this mob, let alone to protect our demonstration even with the bare minimum. On the contrary, we have been told that the police had neither control over the situation nor the capacity to act in the event of riots. Therefore, the police had handed over their monopoly on the use of force for the last few days. Fascists* perceived us as a target and so we had to deal with the self-protection of our demo in order that all committed activists* could take a stand without worrying about their well-being.

It must be expressly mentioned that we have no hope in the executive power of the state to prevent such scenarios. It is a question of civil courage to resist fascists. However, we see a positioning of the state in not being able to protect activists* who take the streets against racist hunts and at the same time taking action against exemplary projects like the Hambach Forest with increased intensity. From our perspective it follows that we must protect each other for being able to show civil courage and resist.

On the one hand, this has meant that our structures are working at their limits and that we cannot counter this with nationwide mobilisation and organisation of counter protests (i.e. also to protect these and other locations), due to the short time, the local structure and the intensity of the events. We have therefore endorsed the BCN’s decision not to call for counter protests.

On the other hand, we experienced an international interest for our activities through the events of Monday, and above all impressive solidarity and networking from and to us anti-fascists* and anti-racists*, who do not want to meet these progrom-like conditions in silence, but resolutely and close together.

As a result, we understand the criticism that there is no counter-protest, but we also ask you to understand our situation. It is important, especially now, to establish a constant anti-fascist (counter-)positioning, but not if the condition is that people could suffer considerable harm due to poor organization.

So we gather all our strength to face the right mob on Saturday in a broad-based, well-prepared and determined manner.

That also means to join forces with a broad alliance of Chemnitz initiatives, clubs, parties and other civilian forces in order to set up our counter protest as broadly as possible, because the current conditions concern everyone who has something against inhuman attitudes. We want to arouse civil disobedience and indignation against progromatic conditions.

So we want to introduce our own contents on Saturday and position ourselves clearly against fascist ideologies.

We call on you to travel to Chemnitz on Saturday, 01.09.2018 and support us locally +++from 15! Uhr+++ on the parking lot at the Johanniskirche.

For questions regarding sleeping places, organization etc. contact us at: (PGP)